Program with Presentations

Saturday, October 10

9:00-12:00 Workshop: IMPLAN
1:00-4:00 AUBER Board Meeting
3:00-5:00 Registration
6:00-8:00 Welcome Reception (Hors d’oeuvres – Dinner on your own)
9:00-12:00 Hospitality Suite

Sunday, October 11

8:00-9:15 Breakfast

Keynote: The Center’s Role within the University, a Perspective from a Dean


Paul Jarley, Dean, UCF College of Business Administration  (view bio)


Research to Inform State and Local Public Policy

Dagney Faulk, Chair 


Some Economic Effects of Tax Increment Financing in Indiana - Michael Hicks

The Effects of Right-to-Work Legislation in West Virginia - Brian Lego

Assessment Quality: Sales Ratio Analysis of Residential Properties in Indiana - Dagney Faulk



Healthcare – The Affordable Care Act:  Preliminary Evidence Regarding Impacts.

Jeff Rexhausen, Chair


The Economic Impact of Medicaid Expansion in Arkansas: One Year Later and Looking Forward - Scott Nystrom

New Mexico’s Experience with the Medicaid Expansion:  Economic and Fiscal Impacts since Implementation in 2014. – Lee Reynis

“The Economic Impacts of Medicaid Expansion Revisited:  How accurate were projections of enrollment, cost, employment growth, etc. and what might we learn going forward?”  - Bryce Ward 

Data Visualization      

Lorena M. Akioka, Chair 


Translating mass quantities of data into easily viewable, understandable information that can me more widely shared. - Jessica Schillinger

Implementation and Data Delivery Strategies – Victoria Meldrum

10:40-11:00 Break/Networking

Public Policy

Michael Jones, Chair


Does Fiscal Federalism Apply to Forensic Science?Willam McAndrew

The Role of Economist in Public Policy – Jeff Rexhausen

The Cost of Child Maltreatment to the Alabama Economy 2013 - Ahmad Ijaz

BLS Data

Stephen Miller, Chair


QCEW Open Data Developments and Researcher User Guide - David Hiles

Recent Developments in Job Creation and Destruction from the Business Employment Dynamics Program - David Talan


Business Strategies for AUBER Units

 Herb Holloway, Chair


Strategies to fund data and information services- Jeffrey Mitchell

 Developing an Integrated Model for AUBER Centers - Ben McKay

What Sold, What Was Marked Down, and What Was Given Away - Paul Polzin

12:15-1:45 Lunch – Tourism 

Keynote: Understanding the Orlando Economy


Daryl Cronk, Sr. Director of Market Research & Insights, Visit Orlando  (view bio


Rick Weddle, Presidemt and CEO, Orlando Economic Development Commission (view bio)



Forecasting and Indicators

Esmael Adibi, Chair


School Enrollment Forecasting   Michael Jones

The Washington, DC Leading Index: Relevance Under Structural Change- Terry Clower

Innovation Index - Timothy F. Slaper, Ph.D.

Picking Peers: To who should you compare your area’s performance? - Jim Kurre and Ken Louie


 Kathy Deck, Chair 


Price Pass-Through in US Gasoline Markets - Benjamin Blair

Sunoco Marcus Hook Industrial Complex Economic Opportunity Reuse Study - Phil Hopkins and Julie Gressley

Price and Policy: Impact on O&G Production in Colorado - Brian Lewandowski

The Effects of North Dakota Oil production on the Minnesota Economy - Phil Hopkins and Julie Gressley


Victoria Meldrum , Chair


What is the AUBER brand?  How do we promote AUBER?  How do we use AUBER to promote our members?  We will examine our current offerings and explore our options for new materials and resources.

Victoria Meldrum

Jeremy Hill

3:00-3:45 Break – Poster Session – Kathy Deck, Chair

Economic Impact / Regional Development   

Eric Thompson, Chair


Establishing “Customary and Reasonable” Appraisal Fees - Herb Holloway

Playing Politics with Economic Impact- Tino Sonora

Tracking the Big Dogs in US-Mexico Border Trade George Hammond

Data Matching: Research Insights From Combining Administrative Datasets                 

Pat Barkey, Chair


This session will showcase some of the unique research insights that can be gleaned from combinations of micro-datasets which are linked by individual identification information. Using data on individual wage records, educational outcomes, work force training, workers compensation and other large datasets, information resources that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a wide range of programs can be created.

“The Market Intelligence Portal: An Innovative Approach to Supply and Demand Analytics” – Aaron Schmerbeck and Martin Roddy, CareerSource Florida

“Administrative Records as Strategic Assets” – Tom Gallagher, Wyoming Department of Workforce Services

“Administrative Data Matching at BLS: Some Results and Plans” – Ken Robertson, Bureau of Labor Statistics


Jennifer Green, Chairs


Personal Consumption Expenditures by State: Data, Methodology, and Applications - Ledia Guci

Real Personal Income and Regional Price Parties - Eric Figueroa

Regional Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account - Mauricio Ortiz

*Dinner on Your Own
9:00-12:00 Hospitality Suite

Monday, October 12

7:30-9:30 Breakfast

Keynote: U.S. Economic Outlook


Dennis P. Lockhart, President and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (view bio)



Benjamin Blair, Chair


Impact of Airport Traffic on Metro Employment- Mike Busch

Airports and their impact on regional economies – Billy Leung

Data Tools – Atlanta Federal Reserve

Jim Kurre, Chair


GDPNow – An Early Indicator of Economic Activity

GDP Tracking Model Data and Forecast Spreadsheet

 Patrick Higgins

Wage Growth Tracker - John Robertson

Research Partnership Opportunity

George Hammond, Chair


Research Partnership Opportunities with using the Social Accounting Matrices for all U.S. Counties Greg Alward

10:40-11:00 Break / Networking


Bruce Kellison, Chair


Regional Workforce Development – Mike Toma

Job Search Among the Employed: Implications for the Skills Gap - Eric Thompson

Virtual Career Counselor Tool - Timothy  F. Slaper, Ph.D.

A Unique Approach to Measuring Skilled and Knowledge within Regional Economies using ONET and OES - Mike Busch

Public/Private Partnerships

TBA, Chair


“Public-Private Partnerships in Action: The Arvest Bank Consumer Sentiment Survey”David Mitchell

Public Option for Private Retirement Plan Accounts in Oregon - Tom Potiowsky 

GIS for Economists: Helping to Visualize Economic Principles Through Maps 

Jeremy Hill, Chair


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can be a helpful tool for economic development and business professionals. Not only can GIS help researchers manipulate and analyze vast amounts of data, but it can also help your audience visualize complex economic principles.  During this workshop attendees will learn how to use GIS tools and features to create maps that depict economic phenomena such as business competition, land use development patterns, market concentration, and clustering along with many other things.

Case study approach demonstrating how GIS can be used to enhance research reports.Luis Nieves-Ruiz, AICP

12:00-1:20 Lunch

Keith Schwer Keynote: U.S. Outlook: Risks and Opportunities in a Post-financial Crisis World


Duncan Meldrum, Chief Economist and Founder of Hilltop Economics LLC  (view bio)


Field Trip to the Gatorland

1:30 – Board a Mears Tour bus for Gatorland

1:45 – Bus leaves Orlando World Center Marriott

2:00 – Arrive at Gatorland

5:00 – Board a Mears Tour bus for Medieval Times

5:15 – Bus leaves Gatorland

5:30 – Arrive at Medieval Times

7:00 – Medieval Times Dinner and Show begin

9:15 – Board a Mears Tour bus for Orlando World Center Marriott

9:30 – Arrive at Orlando World Center Marriott

9:30-12:00 Hospitality Suite

Tuesday, October 13

7:30-8:30 Breakfast

Business Meeting / Awards Presentation


Keynote: Space Florida: A Successful Public / Private Partnership


Mark Bontrager, Vice President, Spaceport Operations (view bio)


Keynote: Public / Private Partnership


Eric Ushkowitz, Economic Development Administrator, Orange County Government (view bio)

10:30-10:45 Break / Networking

Public / PRivate Partnerships

Jeremy Hill, Chair


Entrepreneurship Trends in Public/Private Partnerships – Tim Pett

A Manufacturing Growth Strategy for Philadelphia - Phil Hopkins

2016 Planning Meeting

Bruce Kellison, Chair


11:45 Conference Adjournment